Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning in Southwark You Can Book Any Day Of The Week

Is it time for your upholstered furniture to get deep cleaned? Then give us a call any day of the week to schedule a visit from our experienced team who will bring all necessary machines and detergents to leave your sofa, mattress, or curtains spotless and free of any impurities.

We use special cleaning methods which are proven to provide excellent results yet be gentle and do not hide any risks of damage. Upholstery is very delicate and needs to be carefully inspected before cleaning it in order to determine which method is appropriate – otherwise, damage such as stains and dirty patches may occur. This is why we do not recommend you attempt the cleaning on your own with commercial detergents or any DIY recipes you find on the internet – the damage may be irreversible! Instead, rely on the experts – we have years of experience, training, and knowledge!

Once you schedule this service, we will come on-site and inspect the furniture. If it needs to be treated with stain-removers, we will do so. Then we will move on to the star of the show – hot water extraction which is the process of extracting all impurities such as dirt, dust, bacteria, and even bad odours with… hot water. Yes, we won’t be using any harsh detergents, just the power of steam and hot water!

When our team is ready, they will advise you whether the upholstery would need to dry for a few hours depending on the fabric and the thickness. We will extract around 89% of the moisture, however, in some cases drying time will be required.

You can contact us any day of the week on 07520 640 782 so we can discuss your requirements, provide you with a FREE quote, walk you through the service, and schedule the visit from our team!