Mattress cleaning

Affordable And Effective Mattress Cleaning in Southwark

Don’t be one of those people that put off getting their mattress cleaned because it’s crucial for the cleanliness of your bedroom and your health. Mattresses – just like any other upholstery in your home, absorb a huge percentage of dirt and dust. On top of that, they absorb body liquids such as sweat, bad odours, and are also a breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to some serious health issues such as respiratory problems, allergies, and even skin issues such as rashes or acne.

What we are going to do is come and deep clean the mattress. We will extract any impurity that is hiding in there as well as get rid of the germs and any bad odours – and all we need is one visit! Our team is experienced and trained, and our machines are powerful and effective which enables us to be quick and efficient when performing our Mattress Cleaning. The quality of air in your bedroom will improve as well as your health. For example, you may have noticed that when you wake up your nose is running or you are sneezing a lot. Once our team is ready with the cleaning, you no longer are going to have these issues because the irritants will be removed!

How Do We Clean Mattresses?

The answer is hot water extraction! It’s the most powerful method for getting rid of all impurities as well as removing bacteria due to the high temperature of the water. We will apply hot water which will penetrate deep into the mattress and then we will extract the moisture alongside the accumulated impurities. And just like that, your mattress will look and feel as though it’s brand new!

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