Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Southwark Performed By Experts

We can all agree that deep cleaning your carpet from time to time is very important both for your health and for the long lifespan of the carpet. In general, upholstery, as well as carpets, are huge magnets for impurities such as dirt, dust, and even germs. This is why you should schedule a professional deep clean every once in a while – and you can rely on our experienced team to perform an incredible Carpet Cleaning which will provide excellent results in just a few hours. All you need is one visit from us for all of the impurities accumulated in your carpet to be removed so it’s nice, clean, and, of course, disinfected.

Once you schedule this service, we will send a team of professionals your way who are going to bring everything necessary to perform the cleaning – including detergents and machines. We apply hot water extraction which is the most powerful method for extracting impurities. Of course, we will also treat stains and dirty patches, however, keep in mind that if the stains are old, they might not get completely removed rather than only fade. Many carpet cleaning companies claim that they will be able to “completely remove any stain.” We feel this practice is dishonest, so you’ll never hear us say this. If you do have stains we highly recommend you tell us over the phone and you describe the stain to us so we can tell you whether we would be able to remove it completely.

If you are interested in having your carpets professionally cleaned give us a call any day of the week on 07520 640 782 – we are available even during the weekends to assist you in any way! You will receive a FREE quote, our team will answer any of your questions, and we will schedule the visit whenever it’s convenient for you.