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Carpet Cleaning in Southwark

If you need a professional to deep clean your carpets, rugs, or upholstered furniture then you can rely on us and our services 7-days a week!

About Us

Our company is the leading provider of both carpet and upholstery cleaning in Southwark. Our team has over a decade experience and they have received the proper training which further improved their skills. They are also equipped with the latest most modern machines and tools which enables them to leave excellent results no matter how challenging the situation may be.

Why choose us?

Our expert cleaners are some of the best around, and they all come with training and certification from the industry leaders at Prochem. Whenever we do come on-site, we will start off with inspecting the fabric and condition of your upholstery or carpet so we can determine whether they would need further attention and special treatment for stains or dirty patches. We use powerful detergents and shampoos that do not contain any harsh chemicals so if you have allergies, you don’t have to worry – our methods are safe and your health is our priority!

We will extract all impurities such as dirt, dust, and even bacteria that are hiding in your rugs, carpets, or upholstery – and we will do this only in one visit! Our team is so experienced and our machines are so powerful that we don’t need to come on regular basis just to achieve the best results. We will save you time, money, and effort!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

When you book our services in Southwark, you’ll be able to enjoy an outstanding results delivered by experts. We will bring all necessary tools, detergents, and machines to perform the service you have schedule.

We specialize in hot water extraction and we have been applying this cleaning method for over 12 years. From stubborn stains to completely transforming your carpets or upholstery so they look like they are brand new, you can count on us! And not only do we have a flexible schedule and excellent services but our prices are affordable!

Book Your Cleaning in Southwark Today!

Our company works seven days a week which means that you can both contact us as well as schedule your cleaning even during the weekends at no additional costs whatsoever! And aside from our affordable prices, we also have multiple discounts that you can enjoy once you book more than one service with us. For example, you can combine Carpet and Sofa Cleaning to receive up to 40% off of the final price!

You can discuss all of our discounts, services, and prices over the phone with our friendly customer service agents – just dial 07520 640 782 and we will assist you in any way possible. From answering your questions and providing you with additional information about our services to calculating a FREE quote and scheduling the visit from our team!